Hikoaching: coaching retreat while hiking

Extract your team from usual life and rhythm to deeply connect to a theme that’s chore to its mission, or a key aspects of its functionning. Bring your team in motion! This customized process in nature is meant to be an empowering milestone on your team’s journey. It can also be set up for a group.

Contact me for details and questions.


I’ll meet with your team for a special time of retreat. We’ll spend the day walking and exploring perspectives in beautiful natural surroundings to support your reflection and discoveries. The walk itself is not about physical performance but about the performance of your team, moving and pausing, with an alternance between learning and reflecting. This time outside of your team’s usual context will provide the adequate circumstances for a deepening of relationships within the team and support trust building. A preparation with the teamleader will allow us to customize things according to the needs and goals of your team. The hikoaching package can also be combined with/applied to specific approches such as Emotional Logic.

Examples of possible areas of focus towards building the trust, the commitment, and the accountability needed to get the results you wish for: change, communication, emotions, values.

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