As a leader/individual or as a group/team,

experience the dynamic of coaching.


Here are a few possibilities. In all cases, a conversation will allow us to tailor things to your specific needs.

Refining: Together, we’ll shed light on and extract the golden nuggets within you, refining your unique talents and strengths to make them available to you and your surroundings in constructive ways.

Alloying refers to the mixes between gold and other metals to make it possible to forge objects. Make sure you alloy your new awareness and discoveries with your settings, merging them and integrating them to create a new reality.

Polishing refers to the finishing touch making things more bright and visible. Make sure you integrate and anchor your new ways, giving yourself the finishing touch to shine.

Let’s work on a specific issue you are facing, let’s experiment and implement new perspectives, for you to experience first hand how coaching works and how it can boost your potential.

One time individual coaching session


Let’s meet  for a one shot session where we go straight into an issue you are facing, for you to experience first hand how coaching works and get a sample of how it can boost your potential.

Milestone: One day hiking retreat


Extract yourself from your usual life and rhythm to deeply connect to yourself and your goals, and literally put yourself in motion in nature. This very special customized individual process is meant as an empowering milestone on your journey.

Customisable Team Coaching Process


Be a leader who facilitates your team’s proper functionning and efficiency by getting into a fully customisable team coaching process.

Foster a work context where healthy and respectful interactions can be built within teams, in order for goals to be achieved.

One time team coaching session


Have a one-time team coaching session with us to work on an urgent issue your team is facing, or to experience team coaching, or even just to see if I’m the right fit for a tailored & customisable team coaching process for your team.

Hikoaching: coaching retreat while hiking


Extract your team from usual life and rhythm to deeply connect to a theme that’s chore to its mission, or a key aspects of its functionning. Bring your team in motion! This customized process in nature is meant to be an empowering milestone on your team’s journey. It can also be set up for a group (several people not working together but sharing this interest).

Emotional Logic Workshops


Become friends with your emotions and learn the useful purposes of unpleasant emotions to navigate through change and drawbacks. Learn how to make your emotions partner up with your reason to take advantage of both.