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What is The Leadership Circle®

 The Universal Model of Leadership™ (UML),  integrates the latest and strongest theory and research on leadership development.

The Leadership Circle Profile™, which is one aspect of it, is a lens meant to measure and foster leadership development.

It takes into account your perspective and the perspective of others about key areas of your leadership.

It allows you to gain awareness about your leadership style and they way it’s affecting those around you.

You can then create a leadership development plan from your insights

When leaders transform, their organizations get transformed too. This is a great opportunity to grow on several levels, which translates in better effectiveness and can substancially impact both business and personal life.

These assessments can be bought separately through GrancyCoaching and they can provide a basis for individual or team coaching processes.

The Leadership Circle Profile™, the Collective Leadership Assessment™, the
Leadership System™, and the Universal Model of Leadership™, are created and owned
by The Leadership Circle®


The Leadership Circle Profile sheds light on the creative competencies and the reactive tendencies that influence and condition behaviour.

It reveals the leader’s internal operating mode.

By working on these paradigms through coaching, the client discovers new possibilities allowing for new choices. Leadership effectiveness thus grows and potential is maximized.

The Collective Leadership Assessment is a tool for teams that comes as a wonderful complement to the Leadership Circle Profile.

It shows the impact of the leadership style on the organisational culture and the team’s operating mode.

It reveals how the leadership culture is perceived and experienced by the team, and compares it with the desired-for culture of all team members.

The gaps between reality and ideal culture shed light on opportunities for growth for the leader et for each team member.

A team coaching process reinforces the disposition for change within the team and allows to progress together, reach goals and raise group effectiveness.